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Svaram Sound Spiral - Wing Chime



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This listing includes the chime and a mallet.

Note: The chime in the photo and video is not the exact item you will receive, but is an example of what these chimes usually look and sound like.

The Svaram Sound Spiral - Wing Chime combines an ancient tuning with rotating movement to create a unique sound-atmosphere. Based on harmonic, just intonation Shruti tunings where C = 256 Hz, this 9-bar chime evokes the dynamics of expanding spirals.

There are no tensions, only constant resolutions, support, strengthening, encouraging... The whole array vibrates enthusiasm. The Sound Spiral is taking flight, uplifting, always expanding or descending, settling into deep calm.

Enter a realm of spherical sound created by their layered consistency and wholesome harmonizing effect. Add them to your sound healing toolkit today for a unique splash of color in your sound baths.

Item Specifications:
Dimensions: 40" x 54" x 2"
Tube Diameter: 1.5"
Weight: 14 lbs

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