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SWEET SALE! - Svaram Prana Chimes



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This listing comes with one chime.

Note: The chimes in the photo and video are an example of what these look like. Designs may vary. You can request a specific design, but there's no guarantee we'll have it.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike Koshi or Zaphir Chimes, each Prana Chime by Svaram has the same tuning.

The Svaram Prana Chimes produce subtle sounds from hidden metal rods within. They invite the listener to 'see the sound' by giving free flow to imagination and fantasy. It is said that this 'inner seeing' can only be done with closed eyes, but once practiced, it can be shared simultaneously or afterward, in both spoken and artistic expression.

Prana is the Sanskrit word for "breath" or "life force." And the life of these chimes is brought forth by the breeze, the breath of air of our planet. Each chime is wrapped with hand-made marble paper with a stunning combination of colors.

Add these chimes to your sound healing toolkit today for a unique splash of color and beautiful sounds in your sound baths.

Chime Dimensions:
4.72" x 2.36"

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