There and Back Again Tone of Life Gong Stand for 30" - 44" Gongs

Tone of Life


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The Tone of Life Professional Gong Stand is pure gold! Not real gold, but a golden stand that will hold your gongs solidly. This Tone of Life stand was purchased by a customer and then returned because he preferred his old stand. In the return process it was a bit scraped, as you can see in the images below. We are offering this stand at a lower price because of that.

This stand is still easy to assemble and carry. Made from galvanized steel, the stand features an extra butterfly system to minimize squeaking as well as wheels with brakes. You'll be able to see this in the video.

The stands are telescopic, so can be adjusted vertically. As experienced gong players, the Tone of Life team has thought of everything. 

They highly recommend this stand as they have use them for their sound meditations and are satisfied.

Also check out the Tone of Life Stand Bags designed with this style of stand in mind.

Stand Measurements for up to 44" Gongs:
Maximum Height: 98.5"
Lowest Height: 57"
Width: 51"
Foot Depth: 31.5"
Inner Width: 51"
Inner hooks to Bar (top): 46"
Inner Hooks to Floor (bottom): 48"

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