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Tone of Life 25" Maitreya Peace Gongs

Tone of Life


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This gong does not come with a mallet.

The Maitreya Peace Gongs are a sonic shout out to Maitreya who is the Buddha, Messiah or Teacher yet to come not to lead a new religion, but to guide all people who can hear into remembering what we are here for: to be a family who shares food, ideas and cooperates to make our home (Earth) as healthy and beautiful as possible. So many are awake to this message even now. May this gong open our memory of what can be even further and keep us moving forward together even as we see how far we have to go.

From Tone of Life: "These are symphonic Gongs, this means they are not locked into any specific frequency, opening the sound spectrum of possibilities. Each one is handcrafted until it produces the highest possible range of overtones for its size. The smallest of the range, the 25”, is easy to transport and a beautiful ‘sound’ and visual compliment to any ceremony or performance. As a small Gong, it is supreme in its sound potential, with longer sustain and deeper tones than any other Gong of this size."



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