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Unique Sabian 24" Symphonic Gong (Special Offer)



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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet. This is a one-of-a-kind offer. Once it's gone it's gone! We can't accept returns on special offers, but you're getting a great deal!

Ah, the delicious 24" Sabian Symphonic Gong. When you strike it, it gives you a powerful fundamental note. But it doesn't stop there. Nope, this gong is a giver. After the fundamental note, it brings out the harmonic overtones for you. The Sabian Symphonic Gong literally creates a full, warm, and round response every time you hit it. (Do you know any people that do that?)

When we received this gong, we noticed it has quite a number of unique markers marks and patterns in the finished metal. Sometimes an "outlier" makes its way through to us. The gong sounds great, but we don't want to sell it at full price because of the strange visual spots we found. Take a listen in the video above to see if this deal is right for you.

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