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Unlimited 28" Flower of Life Mother Tesla Gong



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This listing comes with gong and mallet.

The origin of the Flower of Life symbol can be traced back to a time in the second millennium before Christ. It is produced by six intersecting circles around the seventh central circle forming a hexagon on the crossing points. 

Many people who study or use Sacred Geometry have found the Flower of Symbol to aid them in meditation. They see in Sacred Geometry the blueprints to Creation. Finding mystical repeated patterns in nature and existence - As Above, So Below - a person working with Sacred Geometry, like the Flower of Life, can meditate and gain answers to questions about the Universe and their own nature. The Flower of Life has appeared throughout history and in many cultures. The symbol can be found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout the world.

Receive a Sound Healing from Andrew with a smaller variation of one of these beautiful gongs!

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