Unlimited 36" Gong Bag - CLEARANCE



Unlimited Gong Bags make it easy to transport your gong from one place to another in a safe and enjoyable way.  

Our fabric gong bags have quality stitching, shoulder straps and side handles. They are soft and full of padding to keep your gong safe from harm. These bags are great for traveling in town from home to studio or wherever you may roam! This is the gong bag that your gong wants to be in!

NOT Imperfect but, ON CLEARANCE!!! It's a 36" Unlimited Gong Bag. This is one of our older styles, with a special message printed on the side. "Bang A Gong, Get It On." Not that you need any prompting to do either! 

We've used this bag ourselves around the warehouse, and for carrying gongs to special events. We've committed ourselves to serving your needs now, and we no longer have time to carry gongs to and fro. Take advantage, and order it right now. 


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