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Unlimited Atman Crothers Gongs



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This listing includes a gong mallet.

20" Atman Crothers Gong

22" Atman Crothers Gong

Ātman is the inner self, the soul or spirit. It is the divine essence of the self. It refers to the first principle of Hindu philosophy: the true self of an individual, beyond physical phenomena, the essence of a being.

Like the star of Hong Kong Phooey and the Shining, famed scat musician and actor Scatman Crothers, this gong speaks a unique, spiritual language, tapping into the divine essence of being. It will help you tap into your shining and your special light, scatting across time and space.

Add this beautiful bell bronze gong to your sound therapy toolkit for a unique sonic experience, rich with mysterious overtones and bright, but not brash harmonics, it is the perfect addition to your healing space.

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