Unlimited Galactic Ring Gongs



This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Galactic Ring Gong is mystical. It creates an inchoate fever within the player and listener, hearkening back to our species' travel from another destroyed galaxy to this our new home, where we came to revivify our spiritual growth and communication with the divine.

This gong is both atavistic and futuristic, for when you play it, you feel your 'once upon a time' past, but you desire a future of travel amidst the stars once again.



The 12" Galactic Ring Gong
is a small gong that is eclectic in sound: it takes the best of a Chau Gong, mixes it with a Subatomic and then plays it in its own unique style.

You get a lot of tones and a lot of fun out of this unique gong. This is the sort of instrument you pass down to future generations; they will both appreciate it and wonder about you, by then long gone in body, but still there, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, via this gong.

The 22" Galactic Ring Gong
is mysterious and soothing. It is like swimming in the summer ocean at night. Deep tones control the crashes as they lap on the shore of your consciousness.

Often with these gongs, each ring has a slightly different tone.

Many spiral galaxies have rings in them, but not all. Astrophysicists do not yet have the answers as to why the rings form and how, but they embrace the distance between us and the answer of these galactic rings.

That journey from darkness to light is made more delightful with a 22" Galactic Ring Gong.

The 32" Galactic Ring Gong
mixes the lower tones from a larger unlathed Bronze gong with higher pitches gained from its two lathed rings. It does this harmoniously, wonderfully, and surprisingly. Depending on the mallet and locations you strike, you find all sorts of combination of light and dark, dark and light.

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