Unlimited Revelation Gong Stands for 24" to 40" Gongs



This stand includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Unlimited Revelation Stand is all about reminding you of the amazing insights and healings you can get, the Revelations, from playing a gong. We want you to have as many revelations as you can... an Unlimited amount.

Revelations. Some folks hear this word and shake and quake in fear, having heard and believed misguided souls' misinterpretations of the Biblical chapter. They are prepared for fire and brimstone apocalypse, to suffer one plague after another at the Buffet of Eternal Damnation and hopefully they will survive to see Jesus ride in and issue forth of a can of "whup-ass" on the Anti Christ and create Heaven on Earth. So the word Revelation has some emotional and psychological charge on it for many.

But let's suppose for an instant that the imagery used in that Bible chapter was symbolism, and maybe the seven seals were the seven chakras, and that the battle was less exterior, but more interior...how does one release the stuck energies that keep us in a cycle of karma and thinking of ourselves as a body? Suppose the writer wanted us to understand how intense self-examination and healing can be?

Remember, Jesus on the cross? Kinda gnarly image. Christians were about to be fed to lions. It wasn't all church picnics back then. So let's say it is a spiritual hint.

That Book of Revelations. How does one react to the dark stuff coming out of your chakras? And let's that it is not Jesus who is running down to whisk out the vermin out of us, not the man who was Jesus, but the Christ part of him, the promise we have all been given of the Christ Energy, the energy that helps us release pain, and karma, and our lack of wisdom. That is the great healing that happens. If you thought that, the imagery of Book of Revelations would be gentle poem, a delightful comedy.

Revelations, on the basic, are disclosures. Something usually not seen or heard before, so they can change your mind or your life. Theologians suggest that religious-wise, a Revelation is the Big Reveal, when God discloses Himself and His Will. When that happens to you, it can change your mind too.



Unlimited Revelation Stand for 24" to 32" Gongs

Gong Stand Measurements:
Top Width: 39 ¼"
Foot Width: 40"
Height: 46"
Depth: 21"

Unlimited Revelation Stand for 32" to 40" Gongs

Top Width: 49"
Foot Width: 54"
Height: 54 ¼"
Depth: 21"

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