Unlimited Stand Bag - Nirvana Or Bust - Clearance - For Paiste and Gibraltar Stands



The Unlimited Gong Stand Bag fits all the Paiste Square and Set Stands as well as the Gibraltar Gong Stand. Padded and easy to move, it also has a shoulder strap for ease and so you look cool walking down the catwalk.

This bag is not really imperfect at all. It's been used by us, so this is really just on clearance. It's a chance for you to pick up a quality stand bag at a low price.  Printed on the mallet pocket is the phrase "Nirvana Or Bust". We're all trying to get there. In the meantime, remember this phrase from Sir Alfred E. Neuman... "What, me worry?" 

Approximate Measurements:
Inside Bag: 53" x 6" x 6"
...But this can vary slightly depending on the seamstress that day.

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