Woodstock 9" Tranquility Table Chime

Woodstock Chimes


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The Tranquility Chime is an absolutely perfect gift for the office, the cubicle, or just any marathoner in life.

The Woodstock Tranquility Table Chime reminds you to breathe and remember that you are not your job, or your duties, or chores, or your ego. You are a spirit with a human body right now. And as a spirit in a human body, you have to remember you are not your body and the demands of your job.

You are having a human experience, and we hope doing great at it. How can you not?  The human experience has lots of choices. This table chime is the perfect item to remind you of this.

(At least we hope you have a human body. If you are one of these lizards we keep hearing about controlling the planet, you can also buy one of these from us, but after you get it, you have to leave Earth and go back to your Space Terrarium.)

Via Woodstock: "The sounds of this peaceful chime create a relaxed, tranquil environment. Many of us associate tranquility - or the state of being tranquil - with nature. Sitting beneath a tree next to a mountain stream makes us feel peaceful and relaxed. Or a walk along the beach, the gentle ocean breezes blowing through our hair, makes us feel calm and at ease. But sometimes life's demands don't always allow us an escape when we may need it the most. A perfect gift for the busy executive or hard-working soccer mom, the Woodstock Tranquility Table Chime is designed to help you create your own restful environment. Its mellow tones can help soothe your mind during a stressful day. It provides a reminder to stop, take a deep breath and listen. Listen to the voice within."

Height: 9"
Width: 10"
Weight: 1.35 lbs

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