Woodstock Heroic Windbells

Woodstock Chimes


From Woodstock Chimes: "Handcrafted steel bell with deep resonance; plays beautifully in the wind. This handcrafted steel bell has bold tones and a dramatic look. The antique copper finish adds a rustic element to your garden. Use it to call the kids in for supper, or as an alternative doorbell.

"We tone our bells to unite two important ways the instrument vibrates. One is the sound of the bell itself and the other is the hollow chamber inside the bell that acts like an organ pipe. The slots on the sides of the bell are the secret to this unique coupling. The result is a rich sound with much depth and beauty. This steel bell has been coated with a handsome, durable finish, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Hang your Heroic Windbell in a breezy spot and let it play in the wind."

Windbell Dimensions:
Length: 40”
Diameter: 6”

Materials: steel, aluminum windcatcher, black finish ash wood clapper with rubberized coating.



The 40” Antique Copper Large Heroic Windbell

The 40” Sandblast Black Large Heroic Windbell

The 40” Verdigris Large Heroic Windbell

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