Woolly Mammoth Gong Mallets



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They say there is a Woolly Mammoth revival coming! Some wacky scientist is working on recreating them out of extinction. We don't know if that's real news or fake news. But we do know is that these Woolly Mammoth Mallets will be here creating marvelous thunder on your gong for as long as we all shall last.



Big Woolly Mammoth Gong Mallet

For a nice medium attack, due to its weight and also the synthetic sheepskin, this mallet is great for 32" to 48" Chinese Gongs.

Total Length: 16.5”
Head Length: 2.5”
Head Diameter: 5.5”
Weight: 1 lb 8 oz

Small Woolly Mammoth Gong Mallet

This mallet is very good for playing on 22" to 32" Chinese Gongs, and Sabian Symphonic Gongs.

If you have two, they are good for rolls on 28" to 40" Chinese Gongs.

Total Length: 15”
Head Length: 2”
Head Diameter: 4”
Weight: 10 oz

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