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This listing does include a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

Buy a Wuhan Opera Gong and you'll want to sing. And dance. And engage in swordplay, acrobatics, and even mime. Yes, even mime.

Why? Because the above talents must be mastered by a Chinese Opera star. Chinese Opera ain't Western Opera. Chinese Opera is a folk art, for the regular folks, who like a little swordplay and acrobatics. (Most of the people at the Met seem to be half-dead millionaires who are more interested in diamond rings than the Ring Cycle.)


Our 8" Wuhan Opera Gong can be performed on a tiny stage. It doesn't use big sets or props. Just make-up, costumes, and music. Music that is played by just a few instruments. One of which is the Gong, of course.

We're working on getting a sound file for this gong. Until then you can always set up an appointment to call and listen.

Give us a call at 402-474-GONG (4664) or contact us here.

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