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The Cosmic Octave: Planets and Their Spiritual Qualities (Part 4)

by M H November 10, 2022

This blog series draws from the work and calculations discovered and laid out by Hans Cousto in his seminal 1978 tome "The Cosmic Octave." If you find the info below to be resonant with you, we highly encourage you to purchase his book wherever you can find it...

Here's a fast link if you can't wait: The Cosmic Octave by Hans Cousto

Merci beaucoup, Hans Cousto!

Merci beaucoup, Hans Cousto!

In our first post in this blog series, I introduced the concept of the Cosmic Octave. I talked a little about the Law of the Octaves, exploring harmonics and other musical relationships.

In the second post in the series, I explored the idea of information and energy as both a physical and spiritual concepts and I looked at how we can connect quantitative information (hard numbers) with qualitative information (subjective, feeling). 

In our third entry, we looked at the actual planetary frequencies and try to figure out how Hans Cousto got us from planetary orbits to audible tones. 

And today, for our final entry in this series, we're looking at the "qualities" or the spirit of each of the planets from the chart below, which shows the frequencies we found with our calculations using a little algebra and the Law of Octaves. 


Planetary Qualities

Before we dive into the spiritual qualities of each of the planets–exploring the astrological, mythological, and spiritual roots of each–take a minute to look over the chart below, from our last entry. You can see the orbital periods, frequencies (periodic and audible), the musical note, and number of scaled octaves for each planet and planetary sound. 

For each one of these planets, there is an energetic interpretation–a deeper thematic or archetypal meaning–an energy, formed over thousands of years of belief, intention, and cultural tradition. In this way, we can connect each planet and planetary frequency to a broader archetype or spiritual energy to work with in your spiritual sound healing practice.

Planet Period (days) Frequency (periodic) Frequency (audible) Tone Scaled Octaves
  Synodic Moon   29.530588 .00000039193 210.42 G# 29
  Sidereal Moon   27.321661 .00000042362 227.43 A# 29
  Mercury   87.9690 .00000013157 141.27 D 30
  Venus   224.7008 .00000005151 221.23 A 32
  Earth (Year)   365.24 .00000003169 136.10 C# 32
  Earth Day   (24 hrs) .00001157407 194.18 G 24
  Sidereal Day   (23 hrs 56 min) .00001160576 194.71 G 24
  Platonic Year   (25920 years) .00000000000122 344.12 F 48
  Mars   686.9798 .00000001685 144.72 D 36
  Jupiter   4332.588 .00000000267 183.58 F# 36
  Saturn   10759.21 .00000000108 147.85 D 37
  Uranus   30689.6 .00000000038 207.33 G# 39
  Neptune   60183.6 .00000000019 211.45 A 40
  Pluto   90740.5 .00000000013 140.25 C# 40


The Moon

The Synodic Moon refers to the period of time from one Full Moon to the next. It's also called the Lunar month and it takes 29.53 days. It is the period of time required for the Moon to return to the exact same position in its orbit with the Earth as a reference point. This Synodic period is about the relationship between the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun. 

Spiritually, the Moon is associated with your emotions, instincts, and subconscious. Our emotions ebb and flow like the tides rising and falling, pulled by interplay between Sun and Moon's gravity fields. Your emotional body fills and empties like the phases of the Moon, charging up with emotion and then releasing.  Working with the Synodic Moon can help you to get in tune with the rhythms of your emotional center, to put you in touch with your deeper emotional needs. It can help to knock loose emotional patterns and put you in touch with your subconscious. 

In astrology, the Moon is associated with the signs of Cancer and Pisces. It relates to the Heart Chakra–your emotional center and the energetic space in where you connect with others emotionally. It can also relate to the Third Eye or Crown chakras which connect you to your subconscious and and your spiritual essence. The Moon's presence could be seen in a vivid dream, a gut feeling, or the ebb and flow of an emotional wave of sadness or joy.

The Sidereal period refers to the amount of time it takes for the Moon to return to the same position with the background stars as a reference point. The Moon's Sidereal period is 27.32 days. Unlike the Synodic period, measurable by the different phases of the Moon, the Sidereal month is not directly observable and does not sync up with the phases of the Moon. The Sidereal period is determined by the relationship between the Moon, the Earth, and the background stars. 

We can interpret this period by looking at our Emotional center with relation to the the broader Universe, rather than its place on Earth and in the Solar System. In this way, the Sidereal Moon's energy can help you to connect with the deeper Emotional rhythms of the universe, to get in tune with the broader Emotional system that we're all a part of, to put our Emotional center in line with those of the people around us and to remove Emotional blocks that prevent us from connecting with others.



As the Roman god of thought and communication, we associate Mercury's energy and spirit with the Throat chakra. Similar deities were Hermes in Greece, Budha (the god of merchandise and protector of merchants, not to be confused with the Buddha) in Hindu, Èṣù in West African Yorùbá, the old Germanic Woden, and many more. The spirit of Mercury is one of expressing thoughts and intentions, of putting ideas into action. This energy is typically expressed through the throat or down your arms and through the hands. This energy can be seen in a teacher speaking and gesturing, a performer singing and playing an instrument, or a sculptor pondering a slab of rock and putting the chisel to it. In the zodiac, the two sides of Mercury can be seen in Gemini and Virgo. 

It can be helpful to work with Mercury's energy in sound healing and meditation if you are struggling to express your thoughts and feelings, if you're feeling stuck artistically, or when you get trapped in negative thought patterns. It can also help connect you to Spiritual Guidance by strengthening your communication channel to God or Spirit.  



Venus was the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and desire. Similar deities were Aphrodite in Greece, Shukra or Ushas in Hinduism, Oshun in West African Yorùbá, the old Germanic Frigg, and many moreWe associate this energy with the the Heart chakra. Love, here, can be referring to romantic love of a partner, familial love for a sibling, love of all humanity, or self-love. You could see Venus's presence in a warm embrace between friends or lovers, in a moment of self-care and appreciation for who you are, or in the sensuous pleasure of a fresh orange, the joy and ecstasy of tasting and experiencing fresh, cold orange juice and the aroma of orange as you bite into it. In astrology, the two sides of Venus can be seen in Taurus and Libra. 

Working with Venus energy, tapping into the spirit of Venus in meditation and sound healing can help you to find inner harmony and balance. It can help you to rediscover feelings of self-worth and value. It can help you to work with intention to break through energetic blocks in connecting with others, whether it's a partner, friend, family member, or just people in general. It can help you in reconnecting with the small physical pleasures of life. 



In astrology, typically, the Earth represents you. It is the body, the vehicle, and the place where you are in your spiritual development. Earth is also the incubator for all life as we know it. It is the womb of all humanity, plants, animals, and beyond. It works with the Sun to be provider and processor of energy that you use to sustain yourself. It is the stage for all of life. 

The Solar Day (called the Synodic day in the video below), refers to the 24-hour period of the Earth spinning on its axis, returning to the same place with relation to the Sun 24-hours later. Working with the Earth's Solar Day energy can help put you in touch with the day-to-day rhythms of life. Maybe you are living in your past mistakes and unable to focus on living in the moment, or maybe you are a ball of anxiety, trying to game out every possible future to avoid your worst fears. Working with the Earth Day energy can help put your Spirit back in your Body and into the present moment.

The Sidereal Day is about 4 minutes shorter than the Solar Day. This is because it measures its revolution by the "First Point of Aries," or generally, the background stars, as a reference point instead of the Sun. It is exactly 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds.

The Sidereal Day is about Earth's relationship to the broader Universe rather than the Solar System and the Sun itself. Working with its energy will help put your Spirit and Body in sync with the rhythm of the Universe and with Time itself, removing you from the nervous day-to-day hyperactivity of the office or classroom. 

The "Earth Year" period is the amount of time it takes for the Earth to complete one full trip around the Sun. It takes about 365 days and 6 hours to complete this journey. This period of time is central to the rhythm of life on Earth. It is how we measure age, how we mark events in history, and it's a central unit of time in organizing our memories and our plans.

By working with this energy, you are working to put the spirit and the body in perfect alignment with your soul's purpose. This is a great gong for grounding unwanted energies down into the center of the Earth and making room and space for your Soul and Spirit to enter, connecting you with your inner guidance. 

The Platonic Year is often called the Great Year. It is measured by one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the Earth's ecliptic line. It is measuring the relationship between the Earth's axis and the fixed, background stars. The position of the Vernal or Spring Equinox moves westward 1 degree every 72 years. This means that it would take about 25,800 years for the tilted rotational axis of the Earth to move through the entire zodiac and return to the same fixed point in the sky.

Spiritually, this energy will help to put you in touch with the slow, ancient rhythm of the universe, to align you with the churning motion of the great universal clock, to connect you to the source of all creation, with Time itself, and remove yourself from the hyperactive grind of phones and computers. 



Mars was the god of war and agriculture in early Rome. Similar deities were Aries in Greece, Mangala in Hindu, Ogum in West African Yorùbá, the old Germanic Tyr, and many moreIt is sometimes associated with the Sacral and Root chakras. In astrology, Mars is the planet of energy, action, survival, and desire. Mars is all about action. It is fiery and it wants to get things moving forward. Its presence could be seen in an amazing athletic feat, or two people coming together in a passionate kiss and embrace, or in someone on a camping and hiking expedition. The two sides of Mars can be seen in the zodiac signs of fiery Aries and emotionally-intense Scorpio.

Working with Mars in a sound healing or guided meditation can help if you're struggling to take action towards a desired outcome or goal. It can help with procrastination on projects where you've been dragging your feet. It can also help people who are stuck in "survival mode". Mars can help to break through self-doubt and lethargy to activate your action center towards achieving your goals so you don't have to feel stuck anymore. 



Jupiter was ruler of the gods to the Romans. He was the god of the sky and of thunder, inspired by the Greek god Zeus. Other similar deities include Brihaspati in Hindu, Orunmila in West African Yorùbá, the old Germanic Thor, and many moreThe planetary energy of Jupiter is typically associated with the Third Eye chakra, your intuitive center, your window to the subconscious, and your psychic power center. Its presence could be seen in a musician hearing a new melody in their head, a PhD student forming the thesis for their dissertation, or someone coming out of a deep transcendental meditation with new insights. In astrology, Jupiter is usually associated with growth, expansion, luck, prosperity, and joy. The two sides of Jupiter could be seen in the sign of knowledgable and expansive Sagittarius and the deep subconscious power of Pisces. 

Working with Jupiter in sound and spiritual healing is great for people seeking to expand wisdom, for people who want to connect more deeply to the universe and with all of humanity, and for people who want to connect more deeply with their intuition. It can help to strengthen your connection to spirit, putting you in touch with your innate spiritual abilities, allowing you to continue on your path of spiritual evolution. Jupiter is all about helping you and sprinkling good fortune on your path. 



Saturn was the god of time and the harvest in ancient Rome. Similar deities were Cronus in Greece, Shani in Hindu, Omulu in West African Yorùbá, the old Norse Njord, and many moreThe planetary energy of Saturn is usually associated with the Crown chakra, but sometimes with the Root chakra, representing the outer points of the subtle body where we bring higher consciousness into the body (and where we ground and connect to the Earth, with the Root chakra). In astrology, Saturn relates to limitation, responsibility, boundaries, and "the World" (and by extension, Karma and Time). Its presence could be seen in a young adult putting aside frivolous fun to put in the work towards a creative or professional goal, in a council passing a law or ordinance, or a parent imposing rules on a child who needs boundaries. The two sides of Saturn could be seen in the signs of patriarchic Capricorn and innovator Aquarius. 

Working with Saturn's spiritual energy is great for someone who struggles to set boundaries for themselves or others. It can help you recognize where you need to set limitations for yourself ("go to bed earlier, don't drink so much"). It can help a creative person who struggles to distill their inspired ideas into practical action. Saturn is like the mouth of a hose, like a nozzle allowing just the right amount of unconscious and spiritual energy to come into (or out of) the body. Working with Saturn's energy can help you to balance the flow of spiritual energy through the nozzle. Get yourself in balance with the presence of Saturn.



Uranus was considered to be one of the primordial or original Gods. He was the personification of the sky and the starry heavens, the son of Gaia (Earth), and he fathered the Titans. Similar deities were Ouranos in Greece, Aruna in Hindu, Olorun in West African Yorùbá, the old Germanic Ymir, and many moreUranus is sometimes associated with the Crown Chakra, embodying the starry heavens or the sky just above the physical body. It is often seen as the higher manifestation of the planet Mercury. In astrology, Uranus represents sudden change, innovation, and technological advancement. You could see the presence of Uranus in a new type of advanced and healing medical technology, in a philosopher sharing their new theory with their fellow philosophers, or in the sudden uprising of an oppressed people against their oppressor. Uranus is thought to be a ruler of Aquarius (along with its traditional ruler, Saturn). 

Uranus is often considered a generational planet, because it can spend years in a single sign before moving to the next. In your chart, it will tell you as much about your generation as it will about yourself. In this way, it can be good for working with larger social energies, working with the rhythmic energy of all of humanity, our brothers and sisters. It is great to work with Uranus if you're trying to heal from a situation where you need independence and freedom, whether you're trying to heal a country of your peers from oppressive rule by Oligarchs and Warhawks or seeking to rediscover yourself after a breakup where you were stuck in a cycle of codependency. 



Neptune was the Roman god of water and the seas, controlling winds and storms over the ocean. Similar deities were Poseidon in Greece, Varuna in Hindu, Orunmila or Olokun in West African Yorùbá, the old Germanic Aegir or Gymir, and many moreNeptune is sometimes associated with the Third Eye chakra, relating to intuition, the subconscious, and psychic ability. It has sometimes been interpreted as the higher manifestation of Jupiter. In astrology, Neptune rules over dreams, inspiration, illusions, and spirituality. Neptune's presence could be seen in a writer getting lost in a daydream, a clairvoyant offering a spiritual reading, or in a spiritual leader praying with someone from their congregation in a moment of need. Neptune is usually considered the planetary embodiment of deeply intuitive and psychic healer Pisces (along with the traditional ruler, Jupiter). 

Neptune is also a generational planet. You can work with Neptune on a societal level, working to raise the consciousness and psychic awareness of all of humanity, to clear the mental patterns that keep us from taking the next step in our spiritual development across humanity. You can also work with Neptune on a personal level if you're seeking to cleanse your dream space, or to help dissolve negative thought patterns that are blocking you from accessing your higher spiritual functions. 



Pluto was the Roman god of mortality, ruler of the underworld. Similar deities were Hades in Greece, Shiva in Hindu, Aganjú or Oya in West African Yorùbá, the old Germanic Hela and many morePluto is typically associated with the Sacral chakra, relating to the ability to create and transform. In astrology, Pluto is the planet of transformation, the subconscious force itself, death and rebirth, endings and beginnings. Pluto is considered by some astrologers to be the higher manifestation of Mars. Pluto's presence could be seen in someone tormented by addiction getting sober from drugs and alcohol, in the death of a matriarch followed by the birth of a new family member, or in the deep subconscious imagery that arises during meditation. 

Pluto is sometimes thought to relate to sex and sexuality, though this is more to do with the connection between the subconscious force and the creative force. If someone is out of touch with their subconscious force, they may turn toward unhealthy sexual and sensual pursuits to fill the creative void, creating a reality for themselves that eventually leads to addiction and suffering and a disconnect from their creative power. In this way, Pluto can help to rediscover a healthy connection to these forces, beginning the transformative process of being reborn from a tortured body into a creative being (in God's image). Pluto is also a generational planet, so you can also work with this energy on a social level, healing both yourself and generations of people who have lost touch with their subconscious force. 



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