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Cetacean Nation Friction Mallets



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This listing comes with one friction mallet.

Are you a member of Cetacean Nation? You'll do a spit take from your blowhole when you hear our new friction mallets. In honor of our giant mammalian friends from the sea, we bring you the latest and greatest in friction mallet technology.

Dolphin. Whale. Porpoise. They're all flipping for our newest gong accessory. These mallets pull magical, mystical resonance from your gong using friction. Some people call the tones that come from these mallets "whale sounds," but we believe all of the cetaceans can sing along.

Watch our comparison video at the top to see how these two mallets stack up to each other. Add one to your sound healing toolkit today to bring new tones to your sound baths.

Mallet Measurements:
Head Diameter: 1"
Length: 7.5"

Mallet Measurements:
Head Diameter: 2"
Length: 7.75"

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