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Meinl Double Row 60 Bar Chimes (LC60HF)



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This listing includes the chimes, holder, and a striker.

Note: These chimes are made from an anodized aluminum, which is a strong, but soft metal. This creates a chime with a clear tone and long sustain. But aluminum is a soft metal which means the occasional nicks and scuffs may appear on the chime. This does not affect the sound.

The Meinl Double Row 60 Bar Chimes have a resounding and bright sound that serves as a filling effect for transitions, crescendos, or white noise. These chimes are great for live and studio applications, and they work well on both percussion setups and drum kits. The metal bars are secured to a natural wood fram for an elegant look.

“I wanted a wide spectrum!” comments Luis Conte. “The shorter bars deliver great high pitched sounds. I can get a full and bright chime sound from the medium and low pitched bars. They sound perfect especially in the studio.”

These chimes are great for the percussionist, sound therapist, or ambient drone experimenter. Add one to your sound healing toolkit today.

Chime Details
•Length: 20.5"
•Material: Gold anodized aluminum alloy
•Features: High frequency chime

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