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22" Chinese Gongs on Meinl Table Stand (TMTGS-L)

Unlimited & Meinl


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This combo includes the gong of your choice, Meinl Table Gong Stand, and a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The 22" Atlantis Gong is a unique gong, and each one looks slightly different. The gong making process allows for the science of metallurgy to mix with the art of the gongmaker to mix with the magic of fire to create each one of these gongs. It has a fantastic and colorful tone.

Approximate Gong Weight: 10 lbs

The 22" Chau Gong is a classic Chinese gong. It has both a depth of tone, which is evident with a gentle hit, but can wash and crash and splash with a harder strike, or repeated gentle ones. It is a yin and a yang of a gong.

Approximate Gong Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz

The 22" Chocolate Drop Gong is a version of the classic Chinese Chau Gong, but because we have had the outer ring area lathed, it has a bouncier, more lively tone, and faster response when you strike it. Strike it lightly and you get gentle clean depth. Strike it harder and you get some splash and shimmer. Depth to exultant flourish in one gong!

Approximate Gong Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz

The 22" Dark Star Gong is mysterious, yet reveals mysteries. Similar to the Chau Gong, as it is thick metal with a rim, it rises above the traditional Chau Gong because of its lathing and finishing. It is able to hold deeper notes longer, without the fear of premature splashing sounds.

The 22” Dark Star is a gong for those of you who have ears that like to hear things that are more than the normal. For minds and bodies hungry for a flavor and soul healing that is new.

Approximate Gong Weight: 10 lbs

The 22" Lunar Flare Gong has a deep sound, though not as sharp as its sister, the Solar Flare Gong.

The rim focuses the sound which lingers pleasantly. There's a lightness, like the light from the moon that pierces the thick of night. Deep sound emanates and expands and transforms dark to light.

The Lunar Flare Gong is named after the ring of brightness that appears around the moon in a photo. It embodies the eternal of Earth's only satellite, yet we know the flare only because of today's technology which made it possible to capture this previously unseen and beautiful phenomenon.

The delightful occurrence of the brilliant Lunar Flare is represented in the gong’s bright lathing. Let the 22" Lunar Flare brighten your dark nights (and days!) as the full moon would - without any of the ill effects.

Approximate Gong Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz

The 22" Mother Tesla Gong is a dark, compelling, mysterious gong. (It is also great to engrave words or your logo on.)

It fills your world with mystery and the answers to mysteries at the same time. Just like life, and the feminine.

Approximate Gong Weight: 10 lbs

The 22" Solar Flare Gong is a Wind Gong that has been lathed to have these concentric circles. This keeps the tone a little deeper and less splashy than the Wind Gong. It is a both a good looking gong, and a pleasant sounding one.

Perfect for announcements, or soothing introductions, great to play when you are celebrating something, the 22” Solar Flare Gong is the perfect gong when you need a gong that is perfect.

Approximate Gong Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz

The 22" Subatomic Gong creates a mystic tone when struck, with complex overtones. Often, striking it in the different concentric rings will give you a slightly different tone each time, adding to the mystique of these gongs.

For those using it to heal, the Subatomic Gong is wonderful for helping face tough internal issues with aplomb. It helps move those darker energies out.

Approximate Gong Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz

The 22" White Gong has a rim like a Chau Gong but is also fully lathed like a Wind Gong. As expected, the White Gong has qualities of both these traditional Chinese gongs. The full lathing creates a bright, airy sound with a shiny splash, but the rim focuses that splash, and gives clarity to the overall sound.

The 22" Wind Gong is a traditional classic gong of the Gong Pantheon. We would call it a Zephyr, if it came from the West, but it comes from the East - unless you live in Vietnam - so we will call it an Easter! In fact, this gong will resurrect your spirits, if not your flesh, when you bang.

Try it the next time you are crucified - not literally, figuratively. Bang a Wind Gong and you will cleanse out the Sadducees and Pharisees of your office or family! Or the Fallacies and Heresies! Or the Bee Gees and the Squeegees!

Approximate Gong Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz

Meinl Table Gong Stands are fairly sturdy and their compact design allows you to play the gong in a comfortable position on the floor or have it placed on a table or credenza, or the back of someone in a yoga pose that has them hands and knees on the ground. The C design allows the gong to swing on the stand and remain securely mounted.

In German, the phrase "Kreise die richtige Antwort ein" tells you to "Circle the Correct Answer." If your gong is 22 inches then the correct answer might be a Meinl Table Gong Stand.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 32"
Width: 30"
Depth of Feet: 15"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the Meinl Table Gong Stand.

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