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PreSonus AudioBox USB® Studio Ultimate Recording Package (Hardware and Software)



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This listing of the AudioBox Studio Ultimate – 25th Anniversary Edition- Deluxe Hardware/Software Recording Collection includes the AudioBox USB 96 audio interface and computer USB connection cable, Studio One Artist software, Eris 3.5 Active Media Reference Monitors, M7 Microphone with tripod stand and 9' XLR cable, and HD7 Headphones with 98" cable. There is the option to add IK Media iRig Stream interface for streaming to your computer, Apple phone, or tablet. Please Note: Android phones require an additional cable for use with the optional iRig Stream. 

Watch this video from Conoley, our audio recording expert. Here, he gives a run-down on this recording studio package:

Start producing and recording like a pro with this single-purchase bundle! With the PreSonus Audiobox USB 96 Studio Recording Kit, you'll have everything you need to record and mix audio with up to two microphones or instrument inputs (only one microphone is included with this package) using your computer.

You'll be able to monitor the recorded audio mix with included headphones or speakers and manage your final audio files with the included software. The StudioOne Artist Software provides easy access to powerful editing tools and allows you to load and save audio clips and effects in a simple easy to use format.

If you're a sound healer or therapist working with gongs or bowls and you want to capture your sound baths, or if you're just looking to record your gongs or other sound healing instruments, this kit has what you need to get started recording to your computer. Before purchasing, read about the specs, compatibility, and requirements for the PreSonus AudioBox and included pieces.

Watch this third-party guide on this recording package for more info:

And some information on using the included software:

With the addition of IK Media's iRig Stream, you can stream live or recorded audio from your PreSonus recording kit through the iRig interface to your computer or Apple phone or tablet, to your preferred streaming platform. Before you purchase, read about the specs, compatibility, and requirements for the iRig Stream interface here.

See this video guide from our in-house audio expert, Conoley:

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