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Unlimited Case for Zaphir Chimes



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This listing comes with the case only. It does NOT include the chimes.

We love our Zaphir Chimes. They create the most dulcet tones that carry you away to la la land (not the Ryan Gosling movie) on a cloud. But how do you travel with them? Do you dangle them from your fingers out the window of your car as you Drive (not the Ryan Gosling movie)?

Or do you dangle them from the swirling metal spine of your Notebook (also not the Ryan Gosling movie)?

Not anymore. Now, you can stow them in one of our perfectly-designed cases, engineered just for Zaphir chimes. They fit up to 5 Zaphir chimes, so you can go wherever you want with them.

You could even take them with you to watch Blade Runner 2049 (starring Ryan Gosling).

Add one to your sound therapy toolkit today! Click here to check out our Zaphir chimes to purchase this bag with a full set of them and a stand.

Case Measurements:
Height: 8"
Width: 5"
Length: 17"
Depth: 7"

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