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Gongland 36" Gravity Gong



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Please Note: This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: This specific 36" Gravity Gong is unique. We won't get more exactly like this one listed here, but we will eventually receive more in this size and style. If you don't like what's available, wait a while and check back.

Gongland 36" Gravity Gong (#043020M)

Gravity is a consequence of the uneven distribution of mass in the universe, which creates a curvature of spacetime. Like a tight sheet with a baseball and a marble on it, the sheet bends under the weight of the baseball and the marble slides right to the center.

Gongland’s Gravity Gong taps into this universal truth, presenting profound depth of tone, with much clarity in the center, pulling the listener in with the weight of it's energy and matter. It reminds us of the forces underlying all things, it gives us an effortless channel to remove unwanted energies. Work with this gong and your healings can spiritually cleanse on many levels.

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