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30" Chinese Gongs on the Welcoming Stand



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This listing includes the 30" Chinese Gong of your choice, Welcoming Gong Stand, and a traditional Chinese mallet.

Note: The gong in the photo and video is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what these gongs usually look and sound like.

The 30" Atlantis Gong vibrates with salty oceanic wisdom. This wisdom is deep and knowing and embracing of all the comings and goings of the earth.

ATLANTIS... it wasn't all sweet stuff. After all, the Earth and God said enough to us and sent us under the ocean. In fact, Atlantis must have had its share of bad actors and goons to receive such retribution... don'cha think?

Why not ask the 30” Atlantis Gong. It will has whales of tales to tell.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 24 lbs

The Atlantis Chau Gong mixes the classic look and feel of the traditional Chau gong with mystique and depth of our exclusive Atlantis gong.

The science of metallurgy and the art of the gongmaker combine to create a gong with differing coloration and varying pockets of harmonics throughout the gong. The classic lathing pattern brings balance and control to the overall sound, making this gong something special that's a must-have for sound alchemists, therapists, healers and musicians.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 24 lbs

The Chau Gong is iconic in appearance. It is what many people see in their mind’s eye when they think of a Chinese Gong. The bull’s-eye design is created by the metal lathing between the rim of the gong and the center.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 24 lbs

Approaching the center of absolute zero, closing in on unity, you look to the center of it all and see yourself. You approach the event horizon, in a spatial moment just beyond, the Eventual Horizon.

The sound of the universe reverberating through a wave field of strings and bands of light and darkness meets you and welcomes you back to the union of all things.

Let the balanced, deep tones of this gong aid you in your spiritual and emotional healing practice. Add one of these gongs to your sound therapy or yoga studio and meditate on the peaceful, harmonic motion of all things.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 24 lbs

The Heng Gong has a deeper rim than other Chinese Gongs, and is a bit thicker in the bronze, but it is fully lathed like the Wind Gong. This creates a complex and marvelous mixture of sounds.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 36 lbs 8 oz

The Mother Tesla Gong is an unlathed gong, designed specifically for Gongs Unlimited. This is how a gong looks when it comes out of the oven. Most Chinese gongs have this color when they come out of their cast mold, but then are lathed to create different tones

Approximate Weight of Gong: 24 lbs

The Chinese Wind Gong is fully lathed, leaving a bright, shiny finish. It doesn't have a rim; it is flat on the edge. This design gives the Wind Gong its splashy celebratory tone when struck with a quick fast attack. When tapped gently with a hard mallet, you will get a rich fundamental note that builds quickly to a crash with just a little bit of added power.

The 30" Wind Gong will blow you away or at least the parts of you that are ready to move. The other parts it will tickle. Like a powerful wind moving through grass or moving across mountains. Updrafts of motion slowly eroding the hardened parts that are ready to blow on and create a fine silt of growth somewhere new. It will bring you depth, then it will sing through a complex crash.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 20 lbs

Welcome the healing sounds of gongs into your life with the Welcoming Gong Stand. Made from solid iron, this stand is sturdy and supportive. The feet of this stand were designed specifically to ensure the stand will not tip over. The C-Shape design perfectly highlights your beautiful gong!

Welcoming Stand Measurements:
Height: 46" / 117 cm
Inside Diameter: 43.5" / 110.5 cm
Space Between Feet: 31.5" / 80 cm
Depth of Feet: 20" / 50.8 cm
Space Between Hooks: 14" / 35.6 cm

Learn how to assemble this stand with Joshua, the assembly wizard:

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