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32" Chinese Gongs on the Baby Bear Gong Stand

Unlimited & Gibraltar


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This listing includes the 32" Chinese Gong of your choice, Baby Bear Gong Stand, and a traditional Chinese mallet.

Note: The gong and stand in the photo and video are not the exact items you will receive, but an example of what this combo usually looks and sounds like.

The Chau Gong is iconic in appearance. It is what many people see in their mind’s eye when they think of a Chinese Gong. The bull’s-eye design is created by the metal lathing between the rim of the gong and the center.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 25 lbs

The Deep Breath Gong is a breath of fresh air. These gongs are thinner, light-hearted, and fun. The dark unlathed center provides great sustain while holding the crash in.

Sit back, take a deep breath, and let the balanced, deep tones of this gong aid you in your spiritual and emotional healing practice.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 22 lbs 8 oz

The Sun Gong, what we at Gongs Unlimited call the Solar Flare Gong, is a less traditional Chinese Gong than some of the other styles. It is basically a Wind Gong, but with concentric bands of lathed and unlathed circles. The unlathed parts control the crash and splash, less than a Wind Gong. The rings concentrate the tones and it does not open up sound-wise like a fully lathed gong.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 22 lbs 8 oz

The Chinese Wind Gong is fully lathed, leaving a bright, shiny finish. It doesn't have a rim; it is flat on the edge. This design gives the Wind Gong its splashy celebratory tone when struck with a quick fast attack. When tapped gently with a hard mallet, you will get a rich fundamental note that builds quickly to a crash with just a little bit of added power.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 22 lbs 8 oz

The Gibraltar Baby Bear Gong Stand is great for when you want QUIET when you play, no rattling noises, etc. We have developed this smaller stand with Gibraltar parts to help support your 32" gong needs. This stand is strong and sturdy while still being easy to travel with and is perfect for seated playing.

But what's that metal? Everybody's asking, everybody's looking. Well it's shiny hardened steel in 1.5" rack tubing. It's lightweight, it's shiny, it's sexy. If you're interested in having your stand on wheels so that it is easily moveable, click here.

Stand Measurements:
Height: 54.75"
Width: 40"
Depth of Feet: 21.25"

Learn how to assemble this stand with Joshua, the assembly wizard:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
This warning applies to the gong stand.

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