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36" Gongs on the Black Corps Design Adjustable Marching Band Gong Stand

Unlimited & Corps Design


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This combo includes the gong of your choice, gong stand, and a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

PLEASE NOTE: The Corps Design Adjustable Marching Band Gong Stand is custom made per order. This means it can take 3-4 weeks to arrive to you. We will ship your gong right away, meaning the gong and stand will arrive separately.

The 36" Atlantis Gong received this recent praise from a customer:

"I have only played Paiste gongs in the past...but there is SO much I can get from/out of this 36" Atlantis Gong it is almost unbelievable! I have played it only 4 times so far and people are just blown away by the experiences they are having when receiving the gong. Haven't even done an immersion yet...these were just 10 minute sessions. I am just so happy with it that I had to tell you. I will be back....I don't know when, but I will be back to choose my next one!"

Approximate Gong Weight: 36 lbs 8 oz

The 36" Chau Gong is an easy, breezy, beautiful, powerful gong!

It's time to treat each other as equals. We are all One Gong. One atom of metal at the center of the gong is no different from another atom of metal on the outer rim. They are all affected by the vibrations of their peers.

Rather than two officials of different rank with two different gongs, let us all meet on the road and play one gong. Let's line our streets and sidewalks with gongs, and play them all in unison, together, forever one people of one status making one beautiful sound!

Approximate Gong Weight: 37 lbs

The 36" Chocolate Drop Gong is similar to a Chau but lathed on the outer edge to give you deep tones and brighter splashes. It is made of bronze and has a thick rim on its outer edge that helps focus the tone.

The Chocolate Drop starts from a nice deep fundamental, similar to a Chau Gong, but then the Chocolate Drop will crash a little faster than its cousin the Chau. This is thanks to the outside dark ring being lathed off.

Approximate Gong Weight: 37 lbs

The 36" Dark Star Gong is exclusively made for Gongs Unlimited, they are designed to bring beautiful tones into your life. The Dark Star resembles our Mother Tesla gongs, but with a more musical bounce to their tones, yet still able to maintain a moodier sentiment. The tones will bring out your thoughts for gentle examination, and help you grow.

The 36" Dark Star Gong is heavier, made with more bronze, and is meant to help bring the bass. These gongs resonate through you for long stretches, their vibrations slowly crawling across the room. They are wonderful for any situation, be it a sound bath or restorative yoga, or even just as a centering tool in your home!

Approximate Gong Weight: 36 lbs 8 oz

The 36" Mother Tesla Gong is an unlathed Chinese bronze gong. Made similarly to the Chau Gong, in this case the gong makers do not peel off the outside layer of bronze to make it shinier. In this manner, the gong does not crash or splash or get into a wash of tones as readily as any of the other gongs that are shiny, like the Chocolate Drop, Wind Gong, Subatomic, etc.

So not only is its look very mystical and deep, so is its sound. It doesn't like to crash. It is good for being meditative or keeping the mood profound.

Approximate Gong Weight: 36 lbs 8 oz

The 36" Subatomic Gong is custom made for Gongs Unlimited. We designed it with a Chinese gongmaker. It has a bit more intensity and flavor than the traditional Chau Gong, in the same way that a sitar has a bit more pizazz that a regular acoustic six string guitar.

The Subatomic Chau Gong has a propensity to create sounds that are great for healers in that the frequency it creates is great to help with energies that you or your client might not want to look at, or acknowledge, yet needs to move.

Approximate Gong Weight: 37 lbs

The 36" Wind Gong is a magnificent beast. Deep and fulfilling, sustaining and nurturing, but also complex and delightful, flirty and fun. It can have a nice long deep tone and when played gently, let you languish over the various harmonics that it yields. However, when you build it fast and let it crash, it can be like a summer rainstorm, a sunshower as well.

Made of bronze in Wuhan China, this is a marvelous gong for this price. A family heirloom in the waiting.

Approximate Gong Weight: 28 lbs

The Corps Design Adjustable Marching Band Gong Stand is hand made by our friends in Texas! YEEEEEEEHAW!

This is the perfect gong stand for the band. The best gong stand for the field - the Football field that is! If you need a stand for your marching band look no further.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 43.5"
Height: 63.5" - 84"
Depth of Feet: 27"
Interior Diameter: 44"
Exterior Diameter: 46"

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