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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

Note: If you're looking for our 40" to 44" Chinese Gongs, click here! For 48" and above, click here. We've recorded every individual gong 40" and over and now you can see and hear each one and choose the perfect one for you.

The Chau Gong is iconic in appearance. It is what many people see in their mind’s eye when they think of a Chinese Gong. The bull’s-eye design is created by the metal lathing between the rim of the gong and the center.

The Chau Gong will start deep, and is helped by the rim on the edge, but the lathing allows for a good crash as well. Chau Gongs with diameters of 26" and larger can create deep tones that sustain, and are perfect for announcements and celebrations, as well as sound healing, or just plain fun!

Click here to check out our blog with videos comparing different styles of our Chinese Gongs, including the Chau Gong. 



The 7" Chau Gong possesses a simple bell-like tone which pierces the mists of history and induces a sense of victory over every man/lion/tiger hybrid we have met.

The 8" Chau Gong is small, but this is the only gong to be inspired by the MTV-era Rock Music Fellowship, Van Halen! And that means it's loud! So when you play this 8 incher, you will be a member of GONG HALEN! Buy this gong and become the David Lee Roth of your universe. And sing this song to the tune of "Jump."

Well can't you see me gonging here / I've got my mallet against the record machine / I ain't the worst that you've seen. / Oh can't you see what I mean?

Might as well gong. Gong! / Might as well gong. / Go ahead, gong. Gong! / Go ahead, gong.


The 10" Chau Gong got us thinking about Cyndi Lauper the other day. You may recall her, Cyndi Lauper, of the bright-tressed, weird voiced time called the 1980's. We think she summed up our world when she sang her song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Gong":

I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear, it's not boys, I like my gongs well hung
And girls they want to have GONG
Oh girls just want to have GONG

The 12" Chau Gong is a classic little number of a gong. It gives that classic gong tone in a small size. Perfect for a classroom, a small healing room, a duck blind, or an office underground in Area 51... this gong cleans out the cobwebs of your mind.

Dear Gongs Unlimited,
As the foundations grantwriter at a center for children's mental health, foster care, and adoption services, I bought a gong from you a couple of years ago to use to announce the receipt of a philanthropic grant. The entire third floor of our building knows that the sound of the gong means good news! I also bring it downstairs to specific departments when their programs have received a designated grant. Even volunteer leadership know the meaning of the gong: Last week I gently interrupted an important board committee meeting and sounded the gong to announce a very significant grant. Everyone was delighted before I even said a word, they saw the gong and became excited in anticipation. A gentle massage growing into a louder, rounder tone spreads the news throughout the place without startling colleagues.

The 14" Chau Gong is a classic bullseye, bringing both depth of tone and crash of metal. It goes good in any season, in almost any occasion, and looks good on almost everyone. While espadrilles may come and go, and bold colors fade away in memories of fashion shows past, there is never a time where you can go wrong with a Chau Gong.

Just ask these lovely Chinese starlets at Fashion week in France what they think. Underneath all that make-up and fabric, they all know when they go home, it will be time to kick back and just put on a nice comfy Chau Gong!

Although we don't know how long the PANDA LOOK will last...

The 16" Chau Gong is full, deep and delightful. At this size, it can be played both lightly for subtle tones, and strongly for loud awakening tones.

Click here to read the story of The Great Extraterrestrial Extreme Protectress, which was inspired by our 16" Chau Gong.

The 18" Chau Gong has a solid and deep tone, radiant overtones, and ability to crash when needed, the is like an early romance - full of passion and desire and with some good sustain and eventual decay with nice sonic memories. Except this gong you won't have to friend on Facebook.

It's just like that ELO song: Can't Gong it Out of My Head

Midnight on the water / I saw the ocean's daughter / Walking on sound waves she came / Staring as she gonged my name

And I can't gong it out of my head / No, I can't gong it out of my head / Now my old world is gong for dead / Cause I can't gong it out of my head /

Breakdown on the gong stand / Can't gong, without my mallet / Morning don't gong here til night / Searching for her silver gong.

And I can't gong it out of my head / No, I can't gong it out of my head / Now my old world is gong for dead / Cause I can't gong it out of my head, no no

Here it is without our lyric changes:

The 20" Chau Gong is a classic among Chinese Gongs. Deep toned, with a good midrange, and if you strike it hard enough, it can crash and wash.

This gong is a sound that can fill up your office space.

The 22" Chau Gong is that gong when you say you want to hear a "gong-y" sound. This is that gong that even Japanese Restaurants feel comfortable putting on their walls.

The Chau Gong is the Type O of Gongs - it is the Universal Donor. Rarely will you go wrong with a 22" Chau Gong and you certainly won't go wrong with it at this price!

If you live in a locale, like Florida, where hurricanes can pass by, and blow their mess around, round, round, you may want to build a hurricane-ready gong stand, like our pal George did, out of concrete and wood, and put on Balinese masks to frighten the winds away.

The 24" Chau Gong is deep, but not too deep. Subtle as a gong, but not so shy as to get lost in a party of sonic delights. A gong impressive, but not so full of itself to compete with you for attention.

This gong is like a stream that fills your mind with water to cleanse the stuck dams of insecurity, frustration, or loss. Perfect to celebrate, anoint, surprise, honor, commence, conclude. It is the center of the gong pantheon.

The 26" Chau Gong has a better sense of what it wants to do in life. Perhaps it graduated from Gong University, or has settled down with someone it cares about and learned how to cohabitate with another gong of a similar diameter. Maybe it has traveled a little, realized the mistakes it made at 18" or 21" - and now is ready to stake its claim on the world stage.

If the gong is a bit shy, but realized it was a member of the LGBT community - Loving Gongs w/ Big Tones - at this point it has probably come out to its parents, Copper and Tin, who would have probably known it some time before, but you know how Tin can be, with those ears of his...Or perhaps the 26" Chau Gong has long loved the spotlight, and has loved celebrating events with people, loved helping them meditate, and so was always open about the Big Tones it could create.

A gong is a gong is a gong... until you play it, and you can make it yours. Via Love, Excitement, Intensity... whatever you prefer, but once you put your flavor on it, you will have a friend for life.

The 28" Chau Gong is a what we call a 'gong of small profundity.'

This does NOT mean that it is a small gong, or that its tone is less than compelling. It means it is profound, but in a contained manner.

It is not a 40" gong, whose sound and volume is of a 'large profundity' and for use in large amphitheaters or heated Alaskan garages.

The 28" Chinese Chau Gong is of great use when you need a gong that has volume, is expansive, and has overtones that last, but you do not want a gong that is overwhelming.

The 30" Chau Gong is a delight. Handmade in Wuhan China, we import it directly for you. There is no middle man on this object from the Middle Kingdom!

The 30" Chau is deep and creates a handful of sound. It is much louder and grander than a 26" and even a 28" gong, almost like this is a gong that has gone through puberty and is an adult.

When you need a lot of volume and power for not an extreme amount of money, comparable to a 36" or 40" gong, this is the Chau Gong for you.

32" Chau Gongs are so big that their sound is memorable to even the hard of hearing.

Come on, you fledgling rock stars, orchestral percussionists, interior designers, feng shui practitioners... it's time to order your gong SUPERSIZED.

But if you have questions, email or call us!
It's all about customer service with these beauties!

Yes, it is normal if you are trembling a bit right now.

These 34" Chau Gongs are large, heavy beasts with as much loving reverberation as a belly laugh from Buddha, Santa, Ganesha or any other big-bellied deity or family member you adore!

Cover girls to cover bands, anyone can rock this gong.


The 36" Chau Gong
is a classic gong with clear tones and bright splashes to add a beautiful melody or enhancement to any musical piece.

The 38" Chau Gong is a classic gong with clear tones and bright splashes to add a beautiful melody or enhancement to any musical piece.

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