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Unlimited Chocolate Drop Gongs



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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

Note: If you're looking for our 40" to 44" Chinese Gongs, click here! For 48" and above, click here. We've recorded every individual gong 40" and over so you can see and hear each one and choose the perfect gong for your needs.

The Chocolate Drop Gong is similar to the Chau Gong. In fact, it is basically a Chau Gong with the outer dark ring lathed off. This makes the Chocolate Drop Gong not only look brighter than the Chau Gong, it can make it sound brighter too.

Chocolate Drop Gongs smaller than 14" are pretty, shiny and deliver clear simple tones. Perfect for home, office, desktop.

In Chocolate Drop Gongs 16" to 22" the musicality becomes more apparent. Light strike? You get depth and fundamental tone. Harder strike or a build? You get a shimmer, then a splash or crash.

Chocolate Drop Gongs start to have a bit more depth and flavor with rising overtones at 24". Larger Chocolate Drop Gongs, 32" and above, can have deep tones and long sustain, thanks to the amount of bronze that is used. These sounds are made more mystical and complex by the extra bit of higher notes at the end. These large gongs are a delightful discovery for the gong player.

Click here to check out our blog with videos comparing different styles of our Chinese Gongs, including the Chocolate Drop Gong. 



Gongs have many voices. This 8" Chocolate Drop Gong, for instance, sings with a luscious clarity as sweet as the confection from which it takes its name. Hear the beautiful voice of the gong sing out full-throated. Hear it call your name.

Instead of bringing potato salad to your next picnic, bring an 8”" Chocolate Drop Gong. It’s very portable, and each one is packaged with a complimentary mallet, the mallet to make it sing. Also tastes great on lamb. Not to mention ligers. Never fear, the 8”” Chocolate Drop Gong has what you need.

The 10" Chocolate Drop Gong will soothe away aches and pains. It will satisfy those urges, the direction towards depression stirred by daily troubles. The 10” Chocolate Drop Gong will grasp your troubles for you and send them - sonically - back from whence they came. It will leave you to luxuriate in its delicious aura. Savoring every sweet note that spills into your ear. Is this a pleasure you can deny yourself any longer?

Submit to your desires and get your hands on a 10”" Chocolate Drop of your very own. Let it whisper sweet nothings in your ear. We'’ll throw in a complimentary mallet so you can communicate with it as God intended- with a little tap on the drop of chocolate.

Read more about the 10" Chocolate Drop Gong.

Yummy! The 12" Chocolate Drop Gong has a DELICIOUS sparkling crash with a rich centered tone. A Chocolate Drop Gong is always good to have around.

Bright toned and musical. Spank it lightly and it shimmers in your room to create joy. Similar to a Chau Gong, but lighter in tone, it is a gong for waking up students, waking up the Dead, and by that we mean the remaining members of the Grateful Dead from their naps, and for waking up wakeboarders, even, when the water is glassy and ready for riding.

Allow the fire within bronze to ignite your spirit. Fill your emptiness with a 12" Chocolate Drop Gong.

In the 14" Chocolate Drop Gong we can clearly see a lustrous golden sheen akin to that of hazy sunlight through a fine vintage of whiskey, a drink for which the Irish have, historically, shown an affinity. While, in the center of this gong's shimmer, the "chocolate drop" perches as if it were a stray dollop of Guinness, a liquid of pure Irish lineage, or dare I suggest an "eye" on a potato. (No comment needed.)

While this gong is made in China, the bright tone it issues when played -- Fact: in general, the more lathed, the more shine, a gong displays, the brighter its tone will be -- is in keeping with a rough form of Irish calculus which, put simply is, the more whiskey and Guinness consumed, the more likely an Irishman will be to burst forth in bright and glorious ballad.

The 16" Chocolate Drop Gong is a feisty, medium sized gong. Its sound has depth, but some brightness and sparkle. The depth comes from the rim and inner circle of "chocolate" - which is really where the gong was not lathed. The bright parts are where they lathe the gong, like a cymbal, and take off the dark parts. The sparkle comes from the shiny part of the gong, for as it looks bright, it also sounds bright.

The 18" Chocolate Drop Gong. People ask us, Is the middle of the Chocolate Drop Gong really Chocolate? And we answer, Is Charlie Brown really brown?

If you consider his general emotional mood, yes, Charlie is. Hence, the center of a chocolate drop gong is as chocolate as you want it to be.

Chocolate if you mean that magnanimous flavor burst that hits your tongue when you eat some good stuff. Chocolate if you mean that chemical, hormonal rush that hits your brain from eating it. Chocolate if you mean that sonic rush when you hear a female jazz singer hit a spectacular silky melody.

Yes, the middle of the Chocolate Drop Gong is Chocolate.

You cannot get the 22" Chocolate Drop Gong anywhere else but Gongs Unlimited because we designed it with our happy gongmaker in Wuhan China.

Based on a Chau Gong, that is the bullseye design with a rim, we removed the outer ring. What this does is give you a bit more response and shimmer and splash. It is not a crash like a Wind Gong. It's more like a crash of the classic Chinese Chau Gong, but because we have had the outer ring area lathed, it has a bouncier, more lively tone, and faster response when you strike it.

Strike it lightly and you get gentle clean depth. Depth to exultant flourish in one gong.

And remember, men like Chocolate too.

The 26" Chocolate Drop Gong is a wonderful instrument, with a deep tone and a quick crash. It’s very similar to the Chau gong, though the darker ring on the outside of the Chau has been lathed off, so it gets brighter in tone more easily.

A brighter tone can lead to a brighter you. A brighter you brightens your world and then everything is a little lighter. Yes, there is still chocolate inside.

The 28" Chocolate Drop Gong is similar to the classic Chau Gong. In fact, it is basically a Chau Gong with the outer dark ring lathed off. The Chocolate Drop Gong is made of bronze and has a thick rim on its outer edge that helps focus the tone. The Chocolate Drop Gong starts from a nice deep fundamental, similar to a Chau Gong, but then the Chocolate Drop will splash and crash a little faster than its cousin the Chau. This is thanks to the outside dark ring being lathed off.

The 32" Chocolate Drop Gong has thick deep tones. It is mystical and complex with an extra bit of splash.

The 36" Chocolate Drop Gong has true depth. It is mystical and complex with an extra bit of splash. It’s like dark chocolate, the really dark stuff. No sugar coating, just a dust of gold for the shimmery effect.

The 36" Chocolate Drop Gong will smooth your dark chocolate soul with waves of sparkling delight.

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