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40" Vietnamese Dragon Gong - FREE SHIPPING



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This gong comes with a traditional mallet.

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Note: This gong is unique. Once it has sold, we won't get another one exactly like it, but we will eventually get more large Vietnamese Gongs. If it is sold out, check back soon or contact us to be added to the waiting list.

40" Vietnamese Dragon Gong (#VDG100)

The Dragon is one of the most used images in Vietnam. In the Vietnamese culture, the dragon symbolizes royalty and power. The dragon is the most important animal in Vietnamese myths.

The Vietnamese culture loves dragons. And we love gongs. So these Vietnamese Dragon Gongs are a perfect match for us!

These Dragon Gongs from Vietnam are made of bronze and the Dragon image is etched into the bronze. The center "bell" or "nipple" helps create a clear, beautiful tone when struck. Smaller gongs will have high, clear tones. As the gongs get larger, the tone gets lower and deeper.

These are great gongs that can be used for clearing out spaces, energy fields, or just celebrating the return of Frodo from destroying the ring.

Item Specifications:
Depth of Gong (Including Nipple): 8"
Approximate Weight: 95 lbs

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