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22" Chinese Gongs on the Paiste Floor Stand

Unlimited & Paiste


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This combo includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Paiste Floor Gong Stand is also called the Paiste "C" Stand. This gong stand is often preferred by kundalini teachers. You can sit and play the gong while easing your students into meditative calm.

Made from forged iron, it is nice and heavy. Because the weight of the iron, the feet do not have to be as large to support this gong stand. The Paiste Stand will not blow away.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length (across the "C"): 24"
Height: 30"
Depth of Feet: 10"

The 22" Atlantis Gong is a unique gong, and each one looks slightly different. The gong making process allows for the science of metallurgy to mix with the art of the gongmaker to mix with the magic of fire to create each one of these gongs!

We call these gongs Atlantis Gongs because we imagine, if our film director/submariner James Cameron, were to discover Atlantis in one of his old up and downs in the Marianas trench, and he was to bring up a gong from there it would look like our Atlantis Gong.

The 22" Atlantis Chau Gong mixes the classic look and feel of the traditional Chau gong with mystique and depth of our exclusive Atlantis gong.

The science of metallurgy and the art of the gongmaker combine to create a gongs with differing coloration and varying pockets of harmonics throughout the gong. The classic lathing pattern brings balance and control to the overall sound, making this gong something special that's a must-have for sound alchemists, therapists, healers and musicians.

The 22" Chau Gong is one our classic Chinese gongs. The Chau Gong at this size produces a good clear gong tone that can fill up a room with sound easily. You can play it soft and subtly, or strike it hard and get a sonic blast. It has a deep note but can build to a crash and splash fairly easily.

Of course, talented performers, spirits who have a path where they will influence many thousands or millions of people, are guided in their lives.

When you see a star have a meltdown, or become a huge mess for a while, it usually means that they have stopped listening to their higher self, to God and their spirit guides and need some time off to reconnect to the Source.

The 22" Chocolate Drop Gong is a Gongs Unlimited original gong! Based on a Chau Gong, we removed the outer ring.

What this does is give you a bit more response and shimmer and splash. It is not a crash like a Wind Gong, but more. Because we have had the outer ring area lathed, it has a bouncier, more lively tone, and faster response when you strike it.

Strike it lightly and you get gentle clean depth.
Depth to exultant flourish in one gong.

The 22" Dark Star Gong is mysterious, yet reveals mysteries. It can restore your hardware, it can make your Toyota brake dance, it is the First Airbender.

Similar to the Chau Gong, as it is thick metal with a rim, it rises above the traditional Chau Gong because of its lathing and finishing. It holds deeper notes longer, without the fear of premature splashing sounds. The 22" Dark Star is a gong for those of you who have ears that like to hear things that are more than the normal. For minds and bodies hungry for a flavor and soul healing that is new.

To paraphrase the Grateful Dead's Dark Star:
Shall we gong, you and I while we can
Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?

To paraphrase CSN's Dark Star:
Dark star, let the memory of the gonging
Be the first thing that you think of
When you open up your gong bag and see me, dark star.

To paraphrase Beck's Dark Star:
Dark star
Eyes are gonging
From a gong lit terrain.

The 22" Eventual Horizon Gong approaches the center of absolute zero, closing in on unity. You look to the center of it all and see yourself. You approach the event horizon, in a spatial moment just beyond, the Eventual Horizon.

The sound of the universe reverberating through a wave field of strings and bands of light and darkness meets you and welcomes you back to the union of all things.

The 22" Galactic Ring Gong is mysterious and soothing. It is like swimming in the summer ocean at night. Deep tones control the crashes as they lap on the shore of your consciousness.

Often with these gongs, each ring has a slightly different tone.

Many spiral galaxies have rings in them, but not all. Astrophysicists do not yet have the answers as to why the rings form and how, but they embrace the distance between us and the answer of these galactic rings.

That journey from darkness to light is made more delightful with a 22" Galactic Ring Gong.

The 22" Lunar Flare Gong has a deep sound, though not as sharp as its sister, the Solar Flare Gong.

The rim focuses the sound which lingers pleasantly. There's a lightness, like the light from the moon that pierces the thick of night. Deep sound emanates and expands and transforms dark to light.

The Lunar Flare Gong is named after the ring of brightness that appears around the moon in a photo. It embodies the eternal of Earth's only satellite, yet we know the flare only because of today's technology which made it possible to capture this previously unseen and beautiful phenomenon.

The delightful occurrence of the brilliant Lunar Flare is represented in the gong’s bright lathing. Let the 22" Lunar Flare brighten your dark nights (and days!) as the full moon would - without any of the ill effects.

The 22" Mother Tesla Gong is a dark, compelling, mysterious gong. (It is also great to engrave words or your logo on.)

It fills your world with mystery and the answers to mysteries at the same time. Just like life, and the feminine.

Did you know that Filipino Faith Healing, also called Psychic Surgery, involves many spirit guides, many healers, who come through the healer?

It's true. And while there are fakers or con men out there, there are many incredible miracle worker healers who can perform this type of healing. It isn't surgery in the medical sense of the word. But a couple of the Malletheads have had this style of healing, and it is truly intense and miraculous!

The 22" Solar Flare Gong has the classic Chinese Wind Gong as its basis, however, because of the lathing style, it holds a deeper tone, and does not crash as easily. It still does crash, but not as quickly. It does not suffer from premature ecrashulation.

It is a deeper voiced lover of a gong, if a regular wind gong is like Gilbert Gottfried in a black suit, then the Solar Flare Gong is like Robert Goulet in a blue velour workout combination...

This gong was inspired by the concept of SOUND INFINITUM, a spin off the Latin Ad Infinitum which means literally "to infinity." It is generally translated to mean "continues forever" or "goes on without limit."

You might say, well, sound waves do not go on forever, they eventually get infinitesimal and eventually end. And we would answer, yeah, if you get all physics about it.

We prefer to think that as the sound waves hit human ear, that it registers into the human mind and soul, and ineluctably connects to the Divine, which is infinite, and sometimes for the awestruck, ineffable! And once you realize that, you cheer!

The 22" Subatomic Gong has the classic deep, but controlled crash like the Chau Gong, but instead the sound vibrating through a dark rim, the sound flies, splashes, zips out of the shining lathed edge.

Subatomic particles of sound, splashing around. Concentric circles guide and spin.

When, oh when?!, will you hit that gong again. Dude.

This is the effect of the Subatomic Gong.

The 22" White Gong is a gong with a rim, similar to a Chau Gong, so it can have a deeper focused tone, but it also is fully lathed, like a Wind Gong, so it can have a bit of a splash and a crash.

It is more musical than a Wind Gong though.

The 22" Wind Gong is a traditional classic gong of the Gong Pantheon.

We would call it a Zephyr, if it came from the West, but it comes from the East - unless you live in Vietnam - so we will call it an Easter! In fact, this gong will resurrect your spirits, if not your flesh, when you bang.

Try it the next time you are crucified - not literally, figuratively. Bang a Wind Gong and you will cleanse out the Sadducees and Pharisees of your office or family! Or the Fallacies and Heresies! Or the Bee Gees and the Squeegees!

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