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26" Chau Gong Sound Healing Set



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This listing includes gong, stand, gong mallet, friction mallet, singing bowl, pillow, bowl mallet, and striker. There is an option to include a book using the drop down box above.

Interested in sound healing? Want to wade into the waters of spiritual healing work with sonic vibration? Not sure which sound healing instruments are best?

We put together this starter set with a few different pieces we think work great for sound healers just getting started. This set is perfect for group work or personal work, in the studio or at home.

The 26" Chau Gong presents a deep, clean tone when tapped gently. It builds slowly, with a balanced overall sound, reaching a contained crash of overtones. It is a great gong with good resonance, complexity, and volume.

The gong comes on a Meinl Tabletop Gong Stand. It is a metal, c-shaped stand, perfect for presenting and playing your gong on the floor or elevated on a table.

Stand Measurements:
Height: 37"
Width: 32"
Depth of Feet: 14"

We've included Meinl's Medium Sea Petrol Colored Mallet, which features a soft, cloth head, which is perfect for bringing out the complexity of the gong with less "Thunk!" up front.

We also added the Ollihess 40mm Lava Friction Mallet. It features a rubber head for dragging across the face of the gong, creating whale sounds and resonance without hitting the gong.

Meinl Mallet Measurements:
Length: 12.4"
Head Diameter: 3"

Ollihess 40 mm Lava Mallet Measurements:
Length: 8"
Head Diameter: 1.56" / 40 mm

Our 10" Annapurna Singing Bowl is great for gently tapping or singing the conscious mind into a meditative state.

We've paired this bowl with Meinl's Large Tip Singing Bowl Mallet. It has a felt tip, perfect for tapping your bowl to activate resonance without loud, fast attack.

Mallet Measurements:
Length: 12.4"
Head Diameter: 3"

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