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Paiste Round Orchestra Gong Stands (Multiple Sizes)



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This listing includes the Paiste Round Orchestra Gong Stand.

The Paiste Round Orchestra Gong Stand - round with legs - is a strong, solid gong stand. But it is not so heavy you can't lift it! It is super easy to assemble, or disassemble.  It uses two wing nuts to attach the legs to the circle.

Fashioned out of steel tubes and with a matte black finish that is classy and sexy, cool and professional, spiritual and earthly, this stand is not only a musical accessory, it is a metaphor for the single person ripe to become a dyad, for once you realize you are classy and sexy, cool and professional, spiritual and earthly, then you realize you can find the perfect person to "hang" with!

It's a gong stand that can make you feel so excited, that after you assemble it, you may feel like the pictured Mr. Mallethead, like one of the large cats that Siegfried and Roy used to train. ROAARRRRR! You may feel like jumping through it like it was a hoop because you want to please Siegfried, make Roy happy. But please make sure you don't have a gong hanging in it at the time...Or you will bang your head!

Stand for 20" - 22" Gong Measurements:
Height: 52"
Width: 29"

Stand for 24" - 26" Gong Measurements:
Height: 56"
Width: 32"

Stand for 28" Gong Measurements:
Height: 58"
Width: 35"

Stand for 30" Gong Measurements:
Height: 64"
Width: 38"

Stand for 32" - 34" Gong Measurements:
Height: 66"
Width: 42"

Stand for 36" - 40" Gong Measurements:
Height: 76"
Width: 50"
Depth from Front to Back Feet: 38"

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