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Gongland 30" Eclipse Gongs



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This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: These specific 30" Eclipse Gongs are unique. We won't get more exactly like them, but we will eventually get more 30" Eclipse Gongs. Select between the different available options to see and hear video of each one before you purchase.

Eclipses, solar and lunar, have always captivated humanity. They cause us to stop, tremble, and experience awe. We are reminded that we are a small part of a much greater world, and the miracle of the universe and our lives is a thing to behold.

That awareness is the light in the darkness that comes during an eclipse; that is the healing that Gongland’s Eclipse Gongs create. With you playing them, they can remove the darker energies that block our remembrance of our inner light, our Divine selves. Eclipse Gongs heal this space easily and simply.

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