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IK Media iRig Stream (for Streaming Live or Recorded Audio)

IK Media


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This listing comes with the iRig Stream interface and cables to connect to your computer, Apple phone, or tablet (USB-a, USB-c, and Lightning cables). RCA input cables are not included. The interface works with Android phones, but needs an additional cable.

We also sell an audio interface recording kit which pairs well with this iRig Stream interface. You can purchase them together here.

Watch this video from Conoley, our audio recording expert. Here, he gives a run-down on how you can use this interface:

IK Media's iRig Stream allows the user to broadcast recorded or live audio directly from an instrument or audio interface, through your phone, to your preferred streaming platform. You can monitor the audio mix with headphones (not included), add voice (if your headphones have a headset) and it directly inputs the audio to your computer, Apple phone, or tablet. It can work with Android phones with the addition of thic cable.

Are you trying to broadcast your sound baths on social media? Interested in doing guided sound meditations for your followers? Want to take over the video streaming universe and heal the world with your gong healings? With the iRig Stream, you can do it!

The iRig Stream uses an RCA input which is not included (you know, the red and white ones in your old drawer of cords and cables). You can record from a wide range of audio sources, as long as you have an input cable that converts to RCA from your instrument or audio interface. You can download the iRig Recorder app for your phone or tablet separately, from wherever you get your apps. Before you purchaseread more about compatibility, specs, and requirements for this interface here.  

iRig Measurements:
Length: 105.5 mm / 4.15"
Width: 44.5 mm / 1.75"
Thickness: 24 mm / 0.94"
Weight: 65 g / 2.29 oz

Here's a review of this interface from an independent audio tech reviewer "Molten Music Technology" we found on YouTube:

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