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Remo 16" Irish Bodhran Drum



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The Remo Irish Bodhran Drum includes a hex tuning key and tipper drumstick.

The Bodhran is the historic drum of Ireland and is the primary rhythmic accompaniment for the folk music of the Emerald Isle. The Bodhran is typically low pitched and is played with a double headed wooden mallet called a cipin, tipper, or beater.

The deep shell Irish Bodhrans are designed with a 4.5" deep Acousticon shell. Each drum is fashioned with an internal tuning system and a synthetic Bahia Bass drumhead. The Bahia Bass drumhead produces a soft attack and deep bass tones and is pliable to produce pitch bending notes.

These are perfect for the world or local percussionist looking to add a unique element tot thier sound. Add one to your sound therapy toolkit for a rhythmic element in your sound baths.

16" x 4.5"

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