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Scott's Dreadlock Hard Gong Case for 32" Gongs (Floor Model) - FREE SHIPPING

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This listing comes with one hard travel case with wheels for 32" gongs. Floor model items come as is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great travel case.

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Scott's Dreadlock Hard Gong Cases are equipped with 1 Inch Foam inside, with plywood that is 3/8th inch thick under the hard pvc laminate covering to make sure your gong is safe and protected for travel.

We purchased this Floor Model Hard Gong Case for 32" Gongs to test it out, study it, and get photos. It has never been used to haul a gong. Get it while it lasts!

Case Measurements:

Outside Dimensions:
Length of Case: 36"
Length of Case with Protrusions (Corner Protector): 36.5"
Width of Case: 36"
Width of Case with Protrusions (Corner Protector): 37.25"
Height of Case: 7.75"
Total Height of Case with Wheels and Protrusion: 9"
Weight: 35 lbs 11 oz

Inside Dimensions:
Length: 33"
Width: 33"
Height: 4"
Foam Thickness: 1.25"

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