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"Tenacious C" - Gong Cord - Various Sizes



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This listing comes with one gong cord in your choice of two different sizes.

What is a gong without a reliable cord to hang it? A giant coin? A big metal plate? An exercise frisbee at the gym of some dystopian future? Regardless, it's nearly impossible to play a gong when it's not mounted with a reliable cord. If you're looking for a high-quality gong cord that will stand the test of time, look no further than the TENACIOUS C GONG CORD!

The Tenacious C Gong Cord is highly durable for your gong needs. It is perfect for your precious percussion instrument-oh. Just like Kyle was perfect for Jack, and Jack was perfect for Kyle. They are two Hummel Figurines that can ROCK!

The Regular Tenacious C Chord is intended for Chinese and European gongs up to 30" in size. This chord will also work for Oetken Gongs up to 32"

The Extra Large Tenacious C Chord is intended for Chinese and European Gongs 32" up to 42" in size.

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