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Toca Percussion 24" Bamboo Rainsticks

Toca Percussion


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This listing includes one rainstick.

Toca Percussion 24" Bamboo Rainstick with Natural Finish

Toca Percussion 24" Bamboo Rainstick with Painted Finish

Weather is fickle! It exhibits its erratic behavior in everything it does, ranging from intense tropical storms to satellite tracked blizzards that never appear. The waywardness of the weather has inspired many throughout history to invent ways to connect themselves to the earth so as to bend the weather to their will and needs. From this notion of working with nature in order to benefit from all it has to offer, the RAINSTICK was once created.

Rainsticks carry with them the mellifluous melody of rainfall. Originally created by the Aztecs to be used in rain-bringing rituals in times of drought, they have found their way into popular culture and have been used as percussion instruments since the 1960's.

Rainsticks begin with a long, hard, tube, originally from naturally hollow sources such as cacti or bamboo. However, they are being made of wood now also. End your droughts --physical or otherwise! Give yourself the gift of the cleansing rain! Rejoice in newfound connectivity with nature!

The 24" Bamboo Rainstick is simple to use, easy to carry, and not too expensive. Add it to your drum circles, gong baths, or rain dances!

Length: 24"
Diameter: 2"

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