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Svaram Water Rattle



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This listing includes one water rattle.

The Svaram Water Rattle creates a crisp cascade of sounds similar to that of rainfall. Tune into an atmosphere of elemental, natural sounds and textures, and allow the powerful, relaxing sounds to wash away your stress and re-center yourself in the moment.

This delightful instrument is made from a variety of shells and seed pods attached to separate strings, fixed to the hanging mantle. This allows for a variety of different sounds when each string is played alone or a powerful rainfall effect when played simultaneously.

If you're seeking a new element of sounds for your sound therapy practice or if you're searching for unique percussive dressings for your compositions, the Svaram Water Rattle is perfect for you. Add one to your sound healing toolkit today!

Item Specifications:
Dimensions: 26" x 56" x 3"
Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz

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