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Mallet Set for 26" to 28" Bronze (Chinese) Gongs



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This set includes a Meinl Sonic Energy Mallet (Small), Acoustic Percussion's GB1 Mallet, a pair of Unlimited Space Grapes, and the option to add an eGong Wand friction mallet.

We put together this mallet set for sound therapists, percussionists, composers, and yoga instructors using 26" to 28" Chinese and similar bronze-style gongs.

We included a range of mallets, sized specifically for 26" and 28" gongs, meant to draw out the full range of sounds these types of gongs can offer. Read about each of the mallets included below to find what each one provides.

The Meinl Sonic Energy Mallet (Small) has a soft, furry head with a sturdy, wooden handle. It emphasizes the deep fundamental tone with some resonant overtones without too much attack or "thunk" up-front or too much crash on the finish.

The Acoustic Percussion GB1 Mallet features a hard, yarn-wrapped head, providing fast attack and a clear fundamental tone without much crash or resonance. This mallet is great for tapping the gong to get deep tones.

Our Unlimited Space Grapes have small, furry heads, with long, lightweight handles, making them perfect for doing gong rolls that build resonant swells without too much attack (or "thunk").

The eGong Wand has a rubber "e" shaped head, perfect for dragging across the face of your gong to create mysterious whale sounds.

Learn some of the basics and techniques for using the eGong Wand in the video below:


Meinl Sonic Energy (Small) Acoustic Percussion GB1 Space
Length 13" 17.5" 16" 8"
Head Length 3.5" 3.5" 2" na
Head Width
3.5" 2" na

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