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Chalklin Metal Handle Gong Mallets



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This listing is for one mallet.

The Chalklin Metal Handle Gong Mallets are made very similar to how the Paiste Gong Mallets used to be made. If you're looking for an alternative to Paiste mallets or you long for the retro style of a past gong mallet era, these are for you!

These mallets are better when you're looking for fast attack. The handle is hollow, making the mallet lighter and easier to gain momentum. They are slightly, just slightly heavier than Paiste Mallets.

TT0 Measurements:
Comparable to Paiste M1
Weight: 8 oz
Total Length: 13.25"
Mallet Head Diameter: 2.75"
Mallet Head Height: 3.5"

TT1 Measurements:
Comparable to Paiste M2
Weight: 10 oz
Total Length: 15.25"
Mallet Head Diameter: 2.9"
Mallet Head Height: 3.35"

TT2 Measurements:
Comparable to Paiste M3/M4
Weight: 14 oz
Total Length: 16.75"
Mallet Head Diameter: 3.5"
Mallet Head Height: 3.5"

TT3 Measurements:
Comparable to Paiste M5/M6
Weight: 1lb 2 oz
Total Length: 16.75"
Mallet Head Diameter: 3.9"
Mallet Head Height: 3.75"

TT4 Measurements:
Comparable to Paiste M6/M7
Weight: 1lb 5 oz
Total Length: 17"
Mallet Head Diameter: 4.3"
Mallet Head Height: 3.9"

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