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Unlimited Reflex Crash Cymbals (Multiple Sizes)



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This listing comes with the cymbal only.

Unlimited Reflex 13" Crash Cymbal

Unlimited Reflex 14" Crash Cymbal

Unlimited Reflex 15" Crash Cymbal

Unlimited Reflex 16" Crash Cymbal

Unlimited Reflex 17" Crash Cymbal

Unlimited Reflex 18" Crash Cymbal

The Reflex Cymbal Line from Unlimited Percussion is made by skilled cymbal makers from B20 bronze. These cymbals are hand-made and finished in small batches just for us. Due to the hand made nature of these cymbals, the weight and sound produced by each one may vary some. This is why we have made videos of each one individually demonstrating their unique sound.

Discerning drummers will see the Reflex Cymbal and have an automatic reflexive reaction. You will immediately envision it on your kit, refracting the stage lights, catching the audiences' eyes, bringing attention to the magic being created by you. The Reflex Cymbal is where the revolution is leading us. Be ahead of the curve, play one now.

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