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Meinl Synthetic Slide Travel Didgeridoo



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This listing includes one didgeridoo and travel bag.

The Meinl Synthetic Slide Travel Didgeridoo is perfect for players on the go! This modern spin on an ancient instrument has the unique ability to expand or contract for playing or travel. When it's time to play, this instrument elongates into a full-size didgeridoo. Tuned to the note of D, this didgeridoo provides a distinctive, full drone with harmonic overtones.

Add one to your sound therapy and healing practice to bring a unique and ancient element to your sound baths. Add one to your percussion toolkit to bring new energy to your compositions.

Didgeridoo Measurements:
Condensed Length: 24"
Extended Length: 56.5"
Mouthpiece Diameter:2"
Base Diameter: 4"
Weight: 1.5 lbs

Bag Dimensions:
Length: 25"
Top of Bag's Diameter: 5"
Bottom of Bag's Diameter: 3"

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