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Dragonfly Percussion Large Marigold Mini Rollers (Pair)

Dragonfly Percussion


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This listing comes with a pair of gong rollers.

Dragonfly Resonance Gong Rollers feature a soft layer of fleece or faux-fur wrapped around a rubber core, attached to a lightweight handle.

Their balanced weight provides good control to the player. The combination of rubber and soft fabric provides good response and fast attack without being too clunky. They're perfect for doing rolls or accents with your gongs.

If you're looking for new mallets for your sound healing toolkit, this series of mallets is great for spiritual healers, sound therapists, yoga instructors and anyone working with gongs in their mindfulness practice.

Large Mini Roller Mallet Measurements (Pair):
Total Length: 12.5"
Head Thickness: 3"
Head Width: 2.5"
Recommended for: 22" to 34" Gongs

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