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Michael Bettine/Gongtopia Gibraltar Stand for Four Gongs



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This listing comes with the stand only.

Inspired by Michael Bettine of Gongtopia, this custom Gibraltar Gong Stand can hold up to four of your precious gongs. The center holds gongs up to 36" on both the top and bottom, while the two side wings can hold gongs up to 32". Each top wing arm can rotate inward to any angle desired.

Gibraltar Gong Stands are great stands when you want QUIET when you play, no rattling noises etc. It is strong and sturdy to support larger gongs, and yet, you can have ease of travel.

But what's that metal? Everybody's asking, everybody's looking. Well it's shiny hardened steel in 1.5" rack tubing. It's lightweight, it's shiny, it's sexy.

Stand Measurements:
Total Height: 91" | 7 ft 7 in
Total Width: 110" | 9 ft 2 in
Center Frame Width: 48" | 4 ft

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