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9" to 10" Gongs on the High C Gong Stand



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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The High C Gong Stand is made especially for Gongs Unlimited. It is made from a specific mold designed for us! It has feet that you screw in and they stay balanced.


Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 12"
Height: 17"
Depth of Feet: 10"



The 10" Bao Gong is a little bigger than her 8" brother, but just as cute. The clear tone will lighten a mood and bring on a smile.

Baby, take a Bao!

We're in the process of making a great sample video to illustrate this size and type of gong. If you are interested in purchasing this gong, but need to hear it first, please contact us here and we can create a quick video for you.

The 9" Che Sui Gong is a delightful small gong that will perk up your world when you strike it.

We asked Alice, the Chinese woman we speak with at our gong-makers in China, what the Che Sui Gong is used for traditionally. And this is what she said:

Many years ago, che sui gong was used on the water mill in the field.

(Do you know the water mill? It was used for convey the water from the river to the filed to irrigate the farmland.)

When someone has finished his work on the water mill, he have to beat the gong to ask another person take over his work. But now as the water mill is no useful, so a few person will use this gong in China.

9" Opera Gong has a tone that ascends. Ascending means the tone goes from low to high! Hooray! The adjusted tones for opera gongs in China are used to add to the drama and character in the operas.

Chinese operas are not as fancy or high brow as our European derived operas. (All though some styles were for royals.) Many Chinese operas were for regular folk and peasants.

The 10" Atlantis Gong rings like a distant bell in a harbor calling attention to the transitions of the day. The gulls are calling, the work is done. The 10" Atlantis Gong chimes for the day that was and the day that is to come.

The 10" Chau Gong is an iconic Chinese gong.

Made of bronze, the Chau Gong comes out of the oven completely dark-colored, like the outer ring and bullseye, then the gong makers skillfully lathe off the dark part to reveal the shiny ring in the center. They do this on the front and back.

The Chau Gong has a clear simple tone.

The 10" Chocolate Drop Gong is similar to the Chau Gong. In fact, it is basically a Chau Gong with the outer dark ring lathed off.

This makes the Chocolate Drop Gong not only look brighter than the Chau Gong, it can make it sound brighter too.

These gongs are pretty, shiny and deliver clear simple tones. Perfect for home, office, desktop.

The 10" Dark Star Gong is exclusively made for Gongs Unlimited. They are designed to bring beautiful tones into your life.

The Dark Star line resemble our Mother Tesla Gongs, but with a more musical bounce to their tones, yet still able to maintain a moodier sentiment. The tones will bring out your thoughts for gentle examination, and help you grow.

The 10" Mother Tesla Gong is an unlathed gong. This is how a gong looks when it comes out of the oven. Most Chinese gongs have this color when they come out of their cast mold, but then are lathed to create different tones.

In the gong world, it's good to keep in mind that the smaller the gong the clearer the tone. The darker the color tone, the slower it is to crash. Mother Tesla Gong, with its unlathed exterior maintains a deeper tone. It doesn’t crash like a Wind Gong, or even a Chau.

The 10" Pasi Gong is a playful gong. It delights in being in amusing, like a sprite (as in Tinkerbell). It can tease, cajole, dance, and when it is done, it can linger in depth. It is a gong for celebrations that don't take themselves seriously. It is a snack gong, a lunch gong, not a severe dinner gong.

The Pasi is a gong for computer programmers in neoprene, it is a gong for drag princesses, not drag queens, and definitely not drag racers. It tickles your tongue, while humming like a hummingbird, and gives you an earful without ever being angry.

The 10" Pasi Gong, a great companion, and a great idea of a gong made real for pixies who like to explore.

We bet you like it.

10" Subatomic Gong is a great design and has an exceptional sound. It is on a gong stand with a little more space than we usually put our 10" gongs. It allows the concentric circles to breathe, and the gong to be hung more easily. And that is the magic of this gong.

A great gong for teachers, kitchens, dog pounds, bedrooms of gamers, interrogation rooms, or anywhere people wear badges or headbands.

This recommendation below is from a customer who purchased this gong:
I absolutely love my gong. It is even nicer than I expected. The tone it produces is powerful. Thanks so much.

10" Wind Gong is a nice Chinese Wind Gong. Very nice, M'am. Very nice, Monsieur.

The gong is very high quality, made by some of the top gong pros in Wuhan, China.

This is a perfect gong for conference rooms, offices, classrooms, kitchens, meditation altars, musical ice cream trucks, carnivals and massage practitioners studios.

We make it so you can love it!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the gong stand.

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