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Meinl Wheels for Gong/Tam Tam Metal Stand - Set of Four (TMGS-W)



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A set of four wheels, with brakes, for your Meinl Metal Gong Stand.

Meinl Gong Stand Wheels - Better than Goodyear, but no blimp.

Meinl Gong Stand Wheels - Better than Michelin, but no puffy Stay-Puft Marshmallow guy.

Meinl Gong Stand Wheels - Better than Roller Skates, but no shiny outfits.

Buy Meinl Gong Stand Wheels at Gongs Unlimited. They are an investment in your present, that will pay dividends in your future. These wheels make you and your gongs very mobile. And with mobility comes more freedom.

Via Meinl: "A set of four wheels with brakes that attach to the Gong/Tam Tam Stand to make it moveable. An additional tool for ease of mobility."

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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