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Gongland 21" Solaris Gongs



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This listing does not include a mallet.

Note: Each of these 21" Solaris Gongs is unique. Once each one has sold, we won't get another exactly like it. However, we will eventually get more Solaris Gongs. Select between the available options to see and hear a video of each gong.

Gongland 21" Solaris Gong (#KAL762)

Gongland 21" Solaris Gong (#PFR387)

Solaris is a Latin word that means "pertaining to the sun". The Gongland 21" Solaris Gong is like a sun from another galaxy. It is deep, resonant, and powerful, a perfect gong for carrying during soundbaths, to accent your larger gongs. It is made of nickel silver in the European gongmaking style.

Add this warm, shining orb of light to your sound therapy toolkit and do powerful sound healing today.

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