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Vietnamese Bellybutton Gongs - 8" to 9.5"



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This listing comes with a gong mallet.

Note: Each gong is handmade by folk artists using traditional, centuries-old methods. Hammer marks or scuffs may appear on the gong. This is not damage or an outlying imperfection, but an indication that each gong is unique.

8" Vietnamese Bellybutton Gong

9.5" Vietnamese Bellybutton Gong

Vietnam has a history of making and playing gongs for spiritual ceremonies and music going back hundreds and hundreds of years. In fact, gong making and playing Vietnamese in the highlands of Vietnam have been designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Traditionally, most families would have at least one gong to be played in the home.

These gongs are designed with a very small nipple or bell in the center, with the rest of the face being very flat. Each gong presents a clear, warm tone. It is bright because of the small size of these gongs, but not brash. It is great for awakening and meeting the day, or moments of light, bright meditation. Use it to take moments to Look Within, taking stock of what gifts you have to offer the day.

Add one to your home, tabletop, office, desktop, or add one to your percussion toolkit for joyful accents to sound baths and compositions. Get one of these wonderful gongs and begin to look within.

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