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Gongland 24" Dark Water Gongs



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This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: Each of these 24" Dark Water Gongs is unique. Once each one sells, we will not get another exactly like it. We will eventually get more 24" Dark Water Gongs, so check back for more.

24" Dark Water Gong (#BII702)

The Gongland 24" Dark Water Gong taps into the profundity of its healing powers. It makes water come alive energetically. This gong helps your stress leave, brings you more into the flow. Searching for the original meaning of the word “baptism” in which water is used to purify, one finds it is most linked in the ancient languages to “immersion.” Interesting that many gong players call their healing work, “Sound Immersions.” Work with this gong and your healings can spiritually cleanse on many levels.

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