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Gongland 30" New Nibiru Gong



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This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: This 30" Nibiru Gong is unique. Once it sells, we will not have another one exactly like it, but we will eventually get more Nibiru Gongs. Please watch the video below to see and hear if this gong resonates with you.

Gongland 30" Nibiru Gong (#FFP552)

Gongland's New Planetary Gongs are tuned to the orbits of the celestial bodies in our solar system. These frequencies are made audible thanks to the groundbreaking work of Hans Cousto, author of The Cosmic Octave.

New Planet Gongs have a nipple, or bell, in the center. The addition of this nipple allows the planetary frequency to stay clear and focused and prevents it from being lost in the overtones.

Nibiru was the celestial body or region sometimes associated with the Babylonian god Marduk. At this juncture in time, Nibiru is purely a hypothetical, conjectured planet, some ufologists and alien conspiracy buffs call it Planet X, a brown dwarf waiting to be discovered by our telescopes, or knowledge of its orbit being hidden by the government.

The planet Nibiru was proposed by a scholar named Zecharia Sitchin. He posited, after translating many ancient Sumerian texts, that Earth was visited by an advanced race back then, the Annunaki, in search of gold and valuable metals. Some astrologers believe it exists and portends nasty things on our planet in 2012, coinciding with Mayan cycles; other astrologers doubt its veracity. Astronomers, the scientists who spend a lot of time looking for new planets, stars and galaxies, are adamant the Nibiru, Planet X situation is just a hoax.

Planetary Tuning:
Nibiru - 161.26 Hz / 80.63 Hz

Item Specifications:
Diameter: 30" / 76 cm
Depth of Nipple: 2” / 5 cm
Approximate Weight: 18 lbs 8 oz

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